Mock Drafting in the County

In late June Hayden Gibson, Jared Chastain, and Brady Guy came together to conduct a 12 team standard league mock draft.  Each will give commentary on their picks and explain some of their favorite and least favorite picks made in the draft.  So let's kick it off with the 1st round or you can skip to the mock draft summary page by clicking
Thought process during your pick:

Brady Guy: Picking Ezekiel Elliott sixth overall is considered high risk but the potential for him in Dallas is too much to ignore and nothing great was ever accomplished without risk.

Hayden Gibson: In the first round you are basically targeting the player you want to build around.  I wanted David Johnson but once he was taken I narrowed it down to Gronk, Lamar Miller, or Hopkins.  I eventually went with Gronk as I still believe he gives you a big weekly advantage over your opponent at the TE position as he can put up WR1 numbers any given week.  I also knew between Gronk and Miller the only one that had a shot dropping to my next pick would be Miller.  That was the combo I was targeting after selecting Gronk.

Jared Chastain: The first round is all about landing the best available player. I have AJ Green as my #5 WR and 10th overall. Give him to me at pick 12 all day.

Least favorite pick of the round:

Brady: This was a tough one, but I'd say my least favorite pick was actually my own with Ezekiel Elliott. I drafted him ahead of David Johnson and Todd Gurley, two already proven fantasy commodities at RB, and Elliott being a rookie could really bite me if he just doesn’t pan out. But again, he is a risk I’m willing to take.

Hayden: All of the picks this early are solid but the pick of Dez Bryant at 11 surprised me as I would have went with AJ Green my 3rd ranked WR or Lamar Miller my 3rd ranked RB.  Bryant’s foot injury has me a little worried but he always shows the potential to score 10+ touchdowns.

Jared: Peterson with the 5th pick.  I get why he's being selected here.  He seems to be one of the "safest" options in the first round.  The pick was too premature in my book. I have him as my 6th ranked RB and 13th overall. I’d rather own any other RB drafted in the first instead of him.

Favorite pick of the round:

Brady: Favorite pick of the round has got to go to Hayden picking Gronkowski (again) at 8. I don't think it's possible to say that Gronk is a bad pick at any point in the draft; the guy is a touchdown machine. Whether or not Tom Brady serves his four game suspension, Gronk is still without a doubt the number one TE and a top-10 player overall.

Hayden: It is always a good thing if you are able to land the best player in fantasy with the 3rd pick and I think that is exactly what happened here.  If Le'Veon returns and is the same Le'Veon we have seen the past two season (which I think he will) then this team is off to a fantastic start.

Jared: DeAndre Hopkins with the 9th pick is a steal. A case can be made for him to be a top 5 overall selection.  If I own the 9th pick in a draft and he falls to me I'll be smiling from my seat all the way to the draft board.
Thought process during your pick:

Jared: I may have slightly reached here, but I'm a big fan of Keenan Allen's upside this season.  Being a go to target in a pass heavy offense bodes well for Allen and anyone who owns him.  I considered taking Lamar Miller here, but I’ve been hyping Keenan Allen up for the last few months and decided to stick to my word.  100% content with my decision.  Big things coming from Keenan Allen this season.

Hayden: I was really wanting Miller to fall to me and I really felt he had a good chance to.  Once he was taken my fall back was Ingram who is a solid RB but looking back I wish I would have considered Jordy Nelson with this pick.  However, a Gronk-Ingram is a solid start in my opinion and I was very satisfied with it.

Brady:  After taking a RB in the first round, I decided to go ahead with a receiver in the second.  Jordy Nelson was one of the top receivers in the game before his unfortunate injury in the pre-season last year and Green Bay's entire offense suffered from it.  Even if Nelson doesn’t have quite the speed he had before the injury, he still has one of the best QB's to feed him the ball and great hands to compliment his above average route running ability.  I feel Nelson has a safe floor and a high enough ceiling to be taken in the second round.

Least favorite pick of the round:

Jared: Devonta Freeman.  Give me Miller, Evans or Jordy here.  I'd much rather own one of these three than a guy who may see his reps cut in half.  The Falcons are very high on 2nd year RB Tevin Coleman, and he was the rightful starter to start last season.  Freeman got hot when Coleman went down and the rest is history.  I think Coleman not only becomes a vital part of this offense again, but he could take the job if he runs well if something happens to Freeman.

Hayden: This really comes down to two picks made in the round.  One could be Cam Newton since I am not a fan of taking a QB this early, but as my least favorite pick of this round I will go with Doug Martin.  A lot of people are really high on Martin but I am a firm believer that Charles Sims will make more noise in the backfield than he did last year.  I would have much preferred a guy like Eddie Lacy or Jamaal Charles at that pick.

Brady: Least favorite pick here is Doug Martin.  The Muscle Hamster could end up in a full blown time-share with Charles Sims if he doesn’t solve his fumbling issue, and even if he does, Sims is still an intriguing prospect to cut into Martin’s workload.

Favorite pick of the round:

Jared: Lamar Miller. Hands down a 1st round talent in a great situation. Can easily be a top 3 running back by the end of the season. It's a crime he's still considered to be a 2nd round pick at best, but that will change in the near future.

Hayden:  Landing Lamar Miller in the 2nd round is unfair.  I think he is undervalued this year and should be considered in the 1st round when we hit drafting season this August & September.  So Lamar Miller with the 3rd pick in the 2nd round is a steal.

Brady: Jared's pick of Keenan Allen to start the second round is a great pick for a number of reasons.  Allen received a hefty amount of targets before being shut down for injury and really made the most of them in 2015.  The Chargers run game has done basically nothing to improve this year, so expect the Chargers to remain pass heavy with plenty of opportunities for Allen.  If Allen can continue to rack up the receptions and yardage as he did last season and start finding the end zone more often, he could easily finish as a top seven receiver.

Thought process during your pick:

Brady:  After feeling comfortable with my second round receiver I needed to round out my RBs.  CJ Anderson burned a few folks last year in fantasy but I could see an uptick in production for this season as they have an uncertainty at the QB position, and Coach Gary Kubiak is known for running the ball.  Anderson not only runs well, he’s a great pass catching option out of the backfield and is dangerous in space which could lead to quite a few check-downs by the new QBs in Denver.

Hayden:  My plan was to take another running back so I would have two low end RB1s leading the way with an elite TE but the guy I was targeting was Carlos Hyde, who I think will be a top 10 RB this year, but he was taken so my back up plan was to take C.J. Anderson who is a guy I feel is going under the radar after burning owners last year, but Brady sniped him a few picks ahead of me.  So when it became my pick it was a no brainer when I saw Cooper was available.  This gives me a very solid core with Gronk, Ingram, and Cooper.  However, this was the point where I ditched my strategy of starting TE-RB-RB.

Jared: Landry was the best player available according to my rankings. I have him as my 13th ranked WR and 24th overall.  I like that I’ll have a weekly advantage at the flex more often than not.

Least favorite pick of the round:

Brady:  After a disappointing 2015 season, especially by his standards, Matt Forte now sports the green and white of the New York Jets.  Forte has been a joy to watch the past few years, but it seems those days are waning.  Forte turns 31 this season and if history rings true, veteran running backs don't perform well after signing with new teams.  If the Jets field Ryan Fitzpatrick as their QB again this season, Forte’s value will surely trend upward.  Unfortunately for Forte and Jets fans alike, Geno Smith has been under center at OTA's as the starting QB in lieu of Fitzpatrick's contract dispute and rookie Christian Hackenburg is reportedly not progressing well either.  Most of Forte's dominance throughout his career has been through his pass catching ability and without a competent QB to run the offense efficiently, Forte and the Jets could be in for a long season.

Hayden:  Even though I am not against opening a draft up with RB-RB-RB if I was drafting out of the 10 spot after taking Gurley and Miller I would have likely went WR in the third instead of taking Forte.  Landry and Watkins would have been fine options with that pick, but if Forte adapts well to his new team and hasn’t lost a step this team will have three stud running backs leading the way which could be very scary for the league.  I just don't see the point in taking on the risk of Forte with solid WRs available.

Jared: A bit too early for C.J. Anderson to go off the board. At that point I’d rather have Cooper, Reed or Watkins.

Favorite pick of the round:

Brady:  CHEESEBURGER EDDIE LACY.  Alright, he's shed some pounds for this season so I'm calling him Turkey Burger Eddie (you heard it here first).  Lacy is anything but dull to watch as he plows and spins through defenses.  Coach Mike McCarthy was noted to be disappointed in Lacy being out of shape in 2015, but after getting healthier in the offseason I think he'll be rewarded handsomely.  He's got great vision and quick feet for a bigger fellow and dropping the extra weight only helps his cause.  The whole Green Bay offense was in shambles for most of 2015, but I expect them to be right back on track this season with Lacy at the forefront of the backfield.

Hayden:  I am basing this one off of the core the team has assembled and that is Aaron Rodgers with the 7th pick of the 3rd round.  This gives Chris's team a core of David Johnson, Mike Evans, and Aaron Rodgers.  This team has huge upside and looks as if it could end up being one of the most explosive teams in the league if these player play up to their potential.

Jared: Eddie Lacy. The days of Cheeseburger Eddie are behind us. Lacy has slimmed down this offseason and is in position to have his best season yet.
Thought process during your pick:

Jared: I considered Doug Baldwin here, but I did not want to use the zero RB strategy. I chose Murray over Rawls & Lewis because I think Murray can really be something special. Oakland upgraded their offensive line, and I expect Murray to feast. A 1,000 yard; 10 TD candidate.

Hayden:  Once the 4th round began I was eying both Dion Lewis and Jeremy Maclin.  I was hoping one would fall off the board to make my decision easier but both happened to fall to the 5th pick.  Since I was able to land a really solid WR in the previous round I felt that Lewis was the right choice here.  I am a firm believer that out of the RB, WR, and TE positions WR is the easiest to fix in the later rounds of your draft as well as in season.  I felt that either player would be a good value pick at this point in the draft but went with Lewis because if all goes right Lewis gives me a solid RB2 and managing my RBs becomes a lot easier than it would have been if I went WR here.

Brady:  I couldn't pass up on any more quality receivers at this point, and Doug Baldwin has caught my eye this season.  In 2015 from week 10 on, Baldwin exploded on to the scene and caught 12 TDs after catching only two in the first eight games.  If Seattle continues a more pass oriented game plan this season, Baldwin and Russell Wilson could be a dangerous combination.

Least favorite pick of the round:

Jared: Jonathan Stewart.  Reports have already surfaced that he's been dealing with pains in his foot.  This injury has kept Stewart off of the field for countless weeks in the past.  I'd much rather own Jay Ajayi.

Hayden:  Kelvin Benjamin is my choice here mainly because of the other WR available.  I would have taken Maclin, Cobb, or could have went RB with Lewis or maybe even Ryan Mathews.  Kelvin has the potential to have a huge year if Cam is able to maintain his level of play from last year and they both can establish a solid chemistry, but there is always the risk that Cam experiences a slight regression and they fail to get on the same page.  I see Cobb and Maclin as much safer option with nearly equal the amount of upside.  I feel that RBs would have been an excellent option for this team after starting the draft WR-WR-TE, but it appears the owner has fully embraced the zero running back approach.

Brady:  I really didn't care for Jonathan Stewart in this round.  Stewart starts in one of the most exciting offenses in the league and consistently underwhelms.  He only managed one multiple-TD game in all of 2015 and surpassed 100 yards rushing twice despite having 20+ carries in 8 games.  This isn’t entirely Stewarts fault as the majority of the offense is ran through Cam Newton, but from a fantasy standpoint, it’s something you want to avoid.

Favorite pick of the round:

Jared: Doug Baldwin. Without question the go to TD target for Russell Wilson. Baldwin’s ability to turn a broken play into gold is why I have him a top 20 WR in 2016.

Hayden:  I am going with the pick by Chris Cambridge who is putting together a very solid team.  The pick of Maclin gives him a very solid and consistent WR2 to pair up with Mike Evans.  I feel like Maclin is being extremely undervalued this year.  Last season had its ups and downs but that was his first year with the team and he did have a stretch of games where he was hampered by an injury.  Still he managed to put up 87-1088-8 so there is no reason to rule out improvement for this season.  I think Maclin is a great WR2 especially on a team with Rodgers, David Johnson, and Mike Evans.

Brady:  I love the Latavius Murray pick by Jared.  I could see this guy easily rushing over 1,000 yards this season as he possesses all the physical tools to do so combined with an offense that could take the AFC West by storm in 2016.
Thought process during your pick:

Brady:  It's a passing dominated league nowadays, so I stayed with the trend and selected Eric Decker in the fifth round. Decker peaks my interest as a WR2 and Flex worthy player after a strong 2015 campaign.  Obviously, this pick is amplified by Ryan Fitzpatrick under center, but in the case that Geno Smith starts at QB then Decker has already shown success with him. I believe with Smith starting, this actually gives Decker an edge over his counterpart, Brandon Marshall.  Decker has played with Smith and already built some chemistry with him on the field, while Marshall hasn’t.  Marshall has shown a tendency in the past to get frustrated when he’s not getting the ball, so in the instance of Geno Smith or even the rookie Christian Hackenburg taking snaps, I believe Decker has the upper hand here.

Hayden:  The Brady-Gronk stack has paid off for me in the past and when looking at the other teams that had picks between my pick here and the one in the next round I decided to take a gamble and wait on taking a WR like Parker or Moncrief.  Unfortunately my gamble backfired and three WRs went off the board shortly after I took Brady.  Looking back I should have went WR but if Brady plays at the elite level we all know he is capable of then the production from QB will be able to mask my weakness at WR.

Jared: Couldn’t believe Moncrief was on the board at this point. I believe it took me 1.5 seconds to make this selection.

Least favorite pick of the round:

Brady:  Matt Jones.  Who?  Matt Jo…sorry I had to.  Years of hearing that line just compels me to say it when given the opportunity.  Anyways, what exactly is there to be excited about Matt Jones?  On top of my already biased opinion towards this guy (myself being a Dallas Cowboy and Tennessee Vol fan) he doesn’t do anything extremely well except fumble the ball, and even with Alfred Morris gone, the Redskins are still looking into re-signing Pierre Thomas after drafting Georgia RB Keith Marshall.  Not only that, but Chris Thompson (who is recovering from shoulder surgery) was the 3rd down specialist for Washington last season, so potential for Jones being a three down back is slim.  But who knows…if Jones goes out and has himself great season, he could be looking at all of us saying “Back then ya’ll didn’t want me, now I’m hot you’re all on me..”

Hayden:  This one is easy for me personally I do not like the pick of Jeremy Hill.  I think he will be over drafted once again this year and I am a firm believer that Bernard is the running back to own in Cincinnati.  If I had to pick another I would likely go with my own since my gamble backfired.

Jared: Jeremy Hill. Gio Bernard will be the Cincinnati RB to own this season. A fifth round pick for a TD vulture is absurd.

Favorite pick of the round:

Brady:  Tom Brady.  Hayden proclaims Tom Brady to be the greatest QB of all time but…wait a minute…NOW HAYDEN IMMA LET YOU FINISH, BUT PEYTON MANNING IS THE GREATEST QUARTERBACK OF ALL TIME!!!  Sometimes, you just got to let the Kanye out.  Back to the subject matter, Tom Brady may be the greatest QB of all time (almost threw up in my mouth typing that) as my insatiable hate for Brady has turned into respect over the years, you just can’t deny his greatness at the QB position.  This pick is great in this draft for the simple fact that he has once again stacked Brady with Gronkowski which have shown to be quite the unstoppable duo the past few seasons.

Hayden:  There are multiple picks I loved in this round.  Fitzgerald, Eric Decker, and Jay Ajayi are fantastic picks at this point in the draft but my favorite is without a doubt Jared’s pick of Donte Moncrief.  I have said several times on the podcast that Moncrief is going to emerge as the most productive offensive player in this offense (excluding Luck).  Having Moncrief as his WR4 shows he is incredibly deep at the WR position.

Jared: Tom Brady. I don’t see a suspension in his future. Could easily be a top 3 QB this season. I’d happily pay a 5th round price for that. Great move to pair him with Gronk also.
Thought process during your pick:

Jared:  Fill out my lineup.  At this point I had 4 WRs to just 1 RB.  Had to take the best RB and I did in Danny Woodhead.

Hayden:  As I stated before my idea of one of the WRs I passed on in the 5th round falling to me did not pan out as I wanted to.  I hate to say it but I was in panic mode here as I still had a big hole at WR2.  At this point in the draft I did not like the available WRs and I noticed Demarco Murray was still available.  Murray is a very risky pick but having him as my flex makes him a valuable piece to my team.  He has the potential to be a low end RB1 and if that happens then I will have one of the best RB cores in the league to go along with Brady, Gronk, and Cooper.  At this point I decided it was best to approach my WR2 need by committee.  Over the next few rounds my goal will be to acquire a group of start able WRs in hopes that one will blossom into a solid WR2.

Brady:  Feeling satisfied with the receivers I had so far, I looked to solidify the RB position.  Look no further than Duke Johnson.  Johnson is poised to have a breakout season even in a timeshare with Isaiah Crowell.  Crowell is the obvious ground-and-pound option, but let’s face it, the Browns are still bad.  The Cleveland defense is average at best, and when you are losing games you just can’t run the ball the whole time.  Enter – Duke Johnson.  Johnson is more of a scat back type with great hands and is very slippery in the open field.  I believe Cleveland will use Johnson to his strengths, much like they did last year, just at a higher rate.  New Cleveland QB Robert Griffin III is a shadow of the once Heisman winning gun slinger at Baylor, which limits the Brown's chances to throw the ball down the field successfully and in turn, will provide more opportunities for Johnson.

Least favorite pick of the round:

Jared: Tyler Eifert.  May not even play in Week 1.  The injury hangover could last the whole first quarter of the season. Definitely not worth a 6th round pick.

Hayden:  Much like my dislike for the Hill pick in the last round I dislike the Langford pick in this round.  I am extremely low on Langford this year and if I was targeting a RB I would have considered Giovani Bernard or Duke Johnson in this round.  This team has Langford as its RB2 which is very risky as I think Langford’s job in real life could be in jeopardy.

Brady:  I've been praising Hayden's picks, but I can't get on board with this one.  DeMarco Murray looked to be at the precipice of becoming one of the league’s elite rushers in 2014, and then he went and signed with the Eagles.  It's all been downhill from there as disappointing wouldn't be the word for his 2015 campaign.  Blame the workload he shouldered in 2014, blame Chip Kelly's offense, blame whatever you like, Murray was terrible in 2015.  Looking for a fresher start in my home state of Tennessee, Murray will certainly surpass his numbers last season in an offense that favors his style of running and a coach that wants to give him the ball, right?  As warm and cozy as all that sounds, Derrick Henry may have something to say.  Henry is a physical freak and ran roughshod over any college opponent he faced the past two years and the Titans certainly wouldn't waste a talent like that on the bench.  All signs point to a timeshare between the two, the question is just how much of the work Henry sees.  Certainly Murray will begin the season as the starter, but if Henry runs well, Murray may struggle to be a legitimate RB2.

Favorite pick of the round:

Jared: Travis Kelce.  This is the year Kelce becomes elite.  Hands down the best TE in the open field not named Gronkowski. Expect TD totals to increase also.  I have Kelce as my #3 TE at this point and you should too.

Hayden:  My favorite pick in this round is not a very sexy one but Danny Woodhead is a fantastic pick in the 6th round.  This gives Jared a very reliable RB2 to go along with his deep WR core.  Woodhead finished as the 10th ranked RB last season in standard scoring.  I am not buying a Melvin Gordon breakout this year so I see another very productive season for Woodhead.  Love this pick.

Brady:  Travis Kelce is my spirit animal.  The bow and arrow celebration after he smokes the defense for a 40 yard gain is fantastic.  Kelce is a must have tight end in all formats, a rare talent that cannot only bully the smaller DB's in the air for the ball, he can probably run around them as well.  Kelce's ability to get yards after the catch is not only a great asset in fantasy, it's just plain fun to watch a guy that big dance around defenders.
Thought process during your pick:

Brady:  Looking to strengthen my depth at WR I pulled the trigger on two of them in rounds seven and eight.  I picked up Michael Crabtree off the waiver very early last season and I was rewarded almost immediately for it.  Derek Carr found his mark with Crabtree and Amari Cooper alike last season and made them both very fantasy relevant WRs.  In round eight I picked Sterling Shepard, and after watching him score TDs on my Vols for two consecutive years, I don’t need any convincing that this kid is legit.  Paired with OBJ and Eli Manning, I look for Shepard to make an impact right from the start and benefit from defenses attempting to cover OBJ.

Hayden:  The goal was to start drafting WRs and I believe I landed two pretty good ones in Treadwell and Wheaton.  I think both will have very productive seasons this year and are great candidates to fit my WR2 by committee strategy.  In fact I feel like Wheaton could be in store for a breakout season with Bryant suspended for the season.  I will admit if Giovani Bernard would have made it to my pick in the 7th I would have strongly considered fading WR for another round.  Ultimately I was very satisfied landing these two WRs but I still felt I could add more WRs in the next round or two to assemble a very solid committee of WRs.

Jared: Still need RB help. Doubled up and took Riddick because he’s one of my major sleepers this season. Took Dixon due to the questions surrounding the Baltimore backfield. All he has ahead of him an aging Justin Forsett. If Dixon is able to win the job he’ll easily be a viable RB2. I’ll pay an eighth round price every time.

Least favorite pick of the round:

Brady:  I actually have two least favorite picks and it's because they both reside in the Jacksonville backfield.  TJ Yeldon and Chris Ivory, who are both great RBs in their own right, drastically cut into each other's fantasy relevance.  I just can’t see myself drafting either because there is so much unknown about how the Jags plan to use them.

Hayden:  My least favorite pick of these rounds was Travis Allen's selection of Ladarius Green.  Personally I don't see Green as anything special and at this point in the draft his team was set at RB and QB but needed help at WR and TE.  Fixing the TE position could have more than likely waited until the later rounds as there were some solid WRs on the board.  The main reason I would have taken a WR in this round was the team’s long wait until its next pick.  After Green was drafted five WRs were drafted in round 8.  Travis had an opportunity to strengthen a shaky core of WRs and I think that is the route he should have went.

Jared: Rashad Jennings.  Give me a valuable backup here instead of a declining starter.  I don’t think he’s a major contributor this season, nor is he worth an 8th round pick.

Favorite pick of the round:

Brady:  I have to toot my own horn here because I'm a big fan of Sterling Shepard this season.  OBJ will command a lot of respect from defenses this season as Eli isn't shy about getting him the ball.  Shepard is a great fit in the Giants' offense as they love to go in three-wide sets, which provides a lot of opportunity for Shepard.

Hayden:  I really have two picks I love in rounds 7 and 8 due to the tremendous value I feel the owners got.  One is Giovani Bernard as I think he will eventually be the lead back in the Cincy backfield.  I feel a big season coming for Gio so landing him in the 7th is an absolute steal.  The other pick I love is Isaiah Crowell in the later part of the 8th round.  The Browns are going to be heavily leaning on Duke Johnson and Isaiah Crowell this year, and with Hue Jackson running the team I see breakout years coming for both of these backs.  Crowell is a very talented running back and with Jackson as his coach I think Crowell has potential to have a 1,000 yard 10 touchdown season.  Getting that kind of upside in the 8th round is outstanding value.

Jared: I'm a big fan of T.J. Yeldon, Gio Bernard, Kenneth Dixon and Tevin Coleman this season.  All are in questionable backfields and have the best chance of gaining the starting role from scratch.  Really like the rookie WRs Treadwell & Shepard also.
Thought process during your pick:

Brady:  At this point, it's time to start filling out the roster.  Carson Palmer is surrounded by weapons and seemed to really hit his stride with Arizona last year, they should be fun to watch again this season.  Antonio Gates in round 10 may seem a tad early on an aging TE, but I believe he holds enough touchdown value and will see plenty of targets in a pass heavy approach in San Diego.

Hayden:  The plan was to land a few more WRs that could contribute to my WR2 by committee and I feel like I accomplished that goal.  I landed Willie Snead in the 9th and Tavon Austin in the 10th.  Snead is a guy I am not too high on since I like Michael Thomas as a rookie that could make an impact this year but with my two previous picks I felt like it would be better to go with someone with a little less risk and Snead fits that mold in my opinion.  The Tavon Austin pick was a good one to round out my committee of WRs.  There really isn’t a number one WR in LA at the moment and Austin is better described as an offensive weapon much like a Percy Harvin was years ago.  I think Austin will have a lot of opportunities as he is a very QB friendly receiver.  They will call a lot of screens and short routes to get him the ball so he can do what he does best which is getting yards after the catch.  It may not be a very attractive pick but I think it will pay off in the long run.

Jared: When I see Eli go off the board that's usually my cue to lock up Rivers.  Really underrated in my opinion.  I like to look for upside in these rounds and Green-Beckham brings that to the table.  If he grows into a major contributor this season I've picked at the worst a flex play in round 10.  Great value.

Least favorite pick of the round:

Brady:  If he knew he was my least favorite pick of the round, he'd probably tell me to "Ice up, son!" I have loved every minute of Steve Smith's play throughout his career, an undersized receiver who has embarrassed secondary's week in and week out. I really hope I'm wrong, but an Achilles tear this late in his career just isn't a good look for the feisty veteran.  Smith was also noted as saying he may just retire after he gets his 1,000th career reception and only needing 39 more grabs to get there, it is possible.

Hayden:  As much as I love the player I have to go with Arian Foster.  Foster is going to be a 30 year old running back coming off of a blown out Achilles.  I completely understand the logic behind the pick but I don’t see it paying off.  I watched every game Foster played in last year as he was on the majority of my teams and you could tell he had lost a step but he was still very productive due to the amount of volume he was getting.  I’ll be pulling for him to sign with a new team that needs him and he comes back as the Arian Foster we all know and love.  For now this is the riskiest pick in the draft and I am not sure the reward is enough for me to invest a pick in Foster this year.

Jared: Denver Broncos defense.  Great defense?  Yes.  Too early to draft a defense?  Hell yes.

Favorite pick of the round:

Brady:  I am interested to see what Michael Thomas can do in New Orleans this season.  He was said to take on the role that Marques Colston had for so many years and we've seen how effective the Brees-Colston connection was in Colston's prime.

Hayden:  I love the DeAngelo Williams pick by Ben.  What makes it even better is the pick was made right in front of the Le'Veon Bell owner.  Williams may strictly only provide injury upside but if Bell goes down Williams showed last season that in this offense he can put up top 5 numbers.  Williams hold a ton of value for the Bell owner so this could be a potential trade chip after the draft or you can hold on to him and if Bell goes down you have landed a top 5 RB in the 9th round.

Jared: Zach Ertz.  I'm a big fan of Ertz this season.  With Doug Pederson coming into Philly he needs an athletic TE who can run in the open field.  He also said he has no problem relying on a TE to move the ball if the WRs don’t cut it.  Ertz is the ideal target this season.
Thought process during your pick:

Brady:  May as well get the TE's while they’re hot right?  I went back to back TE's with Martellus Bennett in the 11th because who doesn’t want to be a TE with Tom Brady under center?  Also, if the Patriots revert back to the dual TE look, watch out for Bennett this year.  In the 12th round I had an opportunity to grab up CJ Anderson's potential handcuff with Devonte Booker and couldn't pass on him.  The Broncos stated they were impressed with how fast Booker was picking up the offense and has shown great skill in pass protection.

Hayden:  Well after taking Gronk in the first round I had designated round 11 as my Martellus Bennett round.  All should know how much I love Bennett this year but unfortunately Brady ruined my plans and made that particular round a little difficult on me.  I decided to target some rookie RBs that have a shot at making some noise this season.  Jordan Howard was an easy pick since I feel Langford isn't a special talent and at the worst Howard might end up being a guy that gets 8-10 touches with some goal line work.  I am fine with that out of a RB I selected in the 11th round.  I like my Paul Perkins pick in the 12th even more.  A lot of people are very high on Perkins and I am doing my best to get on bored with those people.  Regardless I now have two solid RBs in Ingram & Lewis with a high risk high reward guy in Murray and now I added two wildcard rookies that could turn into lead backs in their respective offenses.

Jared: I like McKinnon's upside.  Talented guy and a weekly start if something were to happen to AP.  Could also be trade bait to the AP owner.  Took Graham as my first TE to fit my 3 TE strategy.  Last year was a lost season.  If he regains form and is healthy for most of 2016 he is easily a top 10 TE.

Least favorite pick of the round:

Brady:  I'm not a fan of Vincent Jackson this year.  He only played in 10 games in 2015 due to injury and the 33 year old veteran is surrounded by younger, more explosive playmakers.  I see Jackson being a red zone threat at best, especially playing second fiddle to Mike Evans.

Hayden:  With my least favorite pick I am going to go with Charcandrick West.  Yes he was one of the most popular handcuffs last season but after missing week 12 to injury giving Spencer Ware an opportunity West was kind of a side note.  My thought is if Charles goes down maybe this is a full blown committee or maybe Ware is potentially the handcuff.

Jared: Vincent Jackson. The Rashad Jennings of the WRs. I get he’s a WR2 but if I’m using a late pick strictly based on that I’ll take Rishard Matthews instead. For upside give me Funchess or Aiken.

Favorite pick of the round:

Brady:  I really like Derek Carr in round 12.  Carr showed out last year and threw the second most TDs by a Raider in a single season with 32 (Daryle Lamonica AKA "The Mad Bomber" threw 34 in 1969) and I don't see any reason he couldn’t exceed or match his 2015 numbers.  Carr has all the tools of a great QB with playmakers all around him, it should be an exciting year for Oakland.

Hayden:  Without a doubt mine is Brady’s selection of Martellus Bennett in the 11th.  I think Bennett has huge upside and could end up being a solid TE1 this year with a healthy Gronk on the field.  Plus I know if this was a draft for a league I would be contacting Brady to get a deal done to acquire Bennett because he would be a very valuable piece to my team with me being a Gronk owner.

Jared: Devontae Booker.  A lot of upside if he gains the starting job at some point.  Really smart move for Brady to handcuff him to Anderson.
Thought process during your pick:

Brady:  This deep in the draft, I'm just looking for guys with a high upside.  Rishard Matthews joined the Titans to give second year QB Marcus Mariota another good option to throw to, and is expected to start opposite of Dorial Green-Beckham or Tajae Sharpe.  I thought Ryan Tannehill in the 14th round was a steal.  Tannehill disappeared in some games last season, but Adam Gase taking over in Miami should breathe some new life into that offense which will hopefully benefit Tannehill greatly.

Hayden:  In these rounds I was just focused on bench depth.  In the 13th round I wanted Rishard Matthews and after Mr. Guy sniped another one of my picks I had no idea who to target so I went with the highest ranked player I had in my ranking which happened to be Jordan Cameron.  I am buying into Cameron this year and if he gives me the production I am hoping for then I will have to put him in my Flex rotation with Murray.  In the 14th round I felt like it would be wise to get a backup for Tom Brady just in case he does miss some games early in the season due to suspension.  Even though I think he will beat the suspension it was better to prepare for the worst.

Jared: Draft 2 TEs with upside to fit the strategy. I did just that with Zach Miller & Austin Seferian-Jenkins. Both can be either top 10 or droppable for a high caliber free agent.

Least favorite pick of the round:

Brady:  Nelson Agholor.  As long as Sam Bradford is in Philly lofting up interceptions and Agholor continues to drop the balls that do make it to him, I will be rejoicing as a Dallas fan and avoiding him altogether in fantasy.

Hayden:  At this point you are basically throwing darts anyway but I was not a fan of the Victor Cruz pick.  I think people are going to think he is a steal again this year and he just won’t be putting up the numbers people are hoping for.  I think he will be one of those guys you draft late with high hopes then when the reality of him being a foot note in this offense sets in those guys will be very disappointed.

Jared: Terrance Williams. Not worth owning in my opinion. I believe Brice Butler is the WR to own in Dallas other than Dez.

Favorite pick of the round:

Brady:  If Breshad Perriman can get healthy and see some quality snaps before this season kicks off, I really want to see what this kid can do.  Perriman had the speed to blow the top off of any defense before his injury and assuming he hasn't lost a step, a 4.24 40 yard dash combined with a 6'2" 218 pound frame should have Flacco licking his chops trying to get Perriman the ball.

Hayden:  This one was easy for me.  Kamar Aiken was a steal this late.  I honestly overlooked him when taking Cameron.  It was one of those times where I could have sworn he was already off the board.  With so much uncertainty surrounding the passing game in Baltimore Aiken could emerge as the top option in the passing game.  I wish I would have noticed he was available in during my picks.  Great pick this late in my opinion.

Jared: Ryan Tannehill.  A top 15 QB with upside.  A great system and solid weapons to work with.  Could be top 10 if he utilizes both correctly.

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