Mock Drafting in the County

In late July Hayden Gibson, Jared Chastain, and Andrew Brennan came together to conduct a 12 team standard league mock draft.  Each will give commentary on their picks and explain some of their favorite and least favorite picks made in the draft.  So let's kick it off with the 1st round or you can skip to the mock draft summary page by clicking
Thought process during your pick:

Andrew Brennan: Pretty simple, give me the clear cut #1 fantasy football player.  Not too much thought put into this pick. I don't think I have to explain why Antonio Brown is good at football.

Jared Chastain: To me, the first round pick is all about landing the best player available. At the time, DJ was both the best player available and my number 1 overall RB.

Hayden Gibson: I had the 11th pick and when on the field Le’Veon Bell is the best player in fantasy.  I felt he was a no brainer once I was on the clock.  All I would need to do is pick up a win or two without him and starting week five I will have a team led by the number one player in fantasy.  My opinion of course.

Least favorite pick of the round:

Andrew: Adrian Peterson seems like a reach at 3.  I get he has a nice floor, but give me Julio, DJ, Gurley, Elliot and maybe AJ Green over him.

Jared: As the final statement of my thought process states, at the time, DJ was both my best player available and my number 1 overall RB. However, since the mock, reports have surfaced that Bruce Arians will determine RB touches one week at a time, and both Chris Johnson and Andre Ellington have been taking reps with the first team offense in Arizona. While I do believe in DJ’s talent & versatility, I’m also wise enough to know that one should never use a top 5 overall pick on a player who very well could end up as a committee back if the player doesn’t get it together early. 

Hayden: Peterson with the third overall pick.  He is currently my 6th ranked running back but I do understand why people will take him as the top running back but Father Time always wins in the end and I’d rather be a year early than to hit the potential bust that can come along with an older running back.  I was burnt by Marshawn Lynch last year so I now prefer younger running backs.

Favorite pick of the round:

Andrew: Has to be Elliot here.  He is my #2 ranked RB, but I am giving a hard and long look at him being #1.  Him being the 5th RB taken, qualifies as an absolute steal in my book.

Jared: When a player falls in my rankings, one will rise, and the player to rise in the fall of DJ is Lamar Miller. I am very pleased that he is now considered to be a first round talent. I now have him as my top RB, and anytime you can land the top RB in the late first, that’s incredible value in my book. Well done, Darryl.

Hayden: Lamar Miller with the ninth pick is fantastic.  I have been preaching that he deserves 1st round consideration and to see him be drafted this early makes me a happy guy.  He has high-end RB1 written all over him.
Thought process during your pick:

Hayden: For some reason Mark Ingram's name just stuck out and his name was out of my mouth before I could give it any thought.  I've been drafting him in the second round of a lot of mock drafts.  I think he can be a solid low-end RB1 and last year he showed he can put up elite numbers on occasion.  I never knew I like him as much as I do.

Jared: I'm a fan of wide receivers and wanted to land a go to option. This was before the minor scare Nelson had with his knee, so if I had to do it again I'd probably draft Jeffery instead. Still, however, Nelson & Jeffery are neck and neck in my rankings, so I don't think this would make too much of a difference when 2016 is said and done.

Andrew:  I was definitely looking RB-WR on the turn, I was deciding between Lesean McCoy and Devonta, looking back on it, I should have selected McCoy, but it's not a huge gap between them. We might need to remember that Freeman was the #1RB in PPR and standard leagues last year, and nothing really has changed.

Least favorite pick of the round:

Hayden: I am officially not wanting any part of Devonta Freeman so I have got to go with Andrew's pick here.  Assuming he was set on taking a RB I would have much rather of taken Lesean McCoy.  I can see a scenario where Freeman is the lead back in the Falcon’s backfield and he puts up a solid 12-14 points each week but I think there is a major possibility that he could end up being a change of pace back behind Coleman.  This was Coleman’s job until he got injured last season so maybe he has a better chance to take it back than most people think.

Jared: Mark Ingram.  Hayden used his first round pick on Bell.  I like Bell, but if I were to use a first on him, I'd rather draft a compliment with massive upside rather than a safe option.  In this spot I would've rather drafted Mike Evans, Keenan Allen or Dez.

Andrew: Cam Newton jumps of the page to me.  A QB in the 2nd round seems way to high. There are probably 7-8 players I would rather taken with that pick.  It just seems so hard to build a team invested this heavily in QB.

Favorite pick of the round:

Hayden: As much as I don't want to admit it I have to say Dez Bryant with the fourth pick in the second round is a great pick.  As low as I am on Dez he should be picked around the last few picks of the first round or the first couple of picks of the second round.  In fact, my pick in the second would have been a great time to take him.  If Dez returns to the Dez Bryant of a few years ago that is a lock for double digit touchdowns, then Darryl Snyder has landed a strong WR1 in the second round.

Jared:  Given his current ADP of a late first/early second round pick, I usually choose to stay away from Devonta Freeman. I like him as a late 2nd though, and if he does happen to return to last year’s Freeman, Andrew really landed a diamond with the 24th overall pick.

Andrew: There really is not 1 pick that jumps out to me, but I would have to go with Alshon Jeffery.  At WR11 that seems like a great value.  He has top 5 upside to me, in a offense with some RB issues, and has a bad defense.  If he can stay healthy, this is a superb selection.

Thought process during your pick:

Andrew:  Just looking for best WR available at this point, and you have to love the consistency of Marshall, especially with Fitzpatrick now signed.  Cooper was the other player I was considering, but he seemed to be a little more risky.

Jared: This was a preference pick.  I've been beating the Jarvis Landry drum since the NFL Draft concluded.  I knew he wouldn't be available in the 4th, so I chose to reach.  Content with my decision.

Hayden: At this point I decided to try something I never do and that is take a quarterback early.  I instantly regretted it.  It is always better to wait at the QB position.  However, a core of Bell, Ingram, and Rodgers has potential to be very explosive.  Plus, having a QB like Rodgers can really help my team out the first four weeks of the season when I will be without my best player.  So maybe this pick isn’t as horrible as I thought it was.

Least favorite pick of the round:

Andrew:  Sorry Jared, it is Landry. I know Jared is a big fan of Landry, but I disagree. I think he was very inefficient player last year, and could see much less targets with the emergence of Devante Parker in the passing game. He doesn't seem like a red zone threat, so TD's might not be there, and if the targets do go down, and he still performs inefficiently, it could be a troubling year for Jarvis.

Jared:  I'm not a fan of Matt Forte this year.  He's been in and out of practice so far, and rumors of a timeshare have emerged. I think he can be a decent value pick later in the draft, but there is no chance I'll use a late 3rd on him.

Hayden: I am going with Jared’s pick of Jarvis Landry.  If this was PPR then I couldn't knock it but after looking at Landry's numbers he just doesn’t get in the end zone enough for me to justify him being drafted in the third.  I would have been more comfortable with a Demaryius Thomas or possibly going a different route period as there were some solid RB2 available at that time.

Favorite pick of the round:

Andrew:  I think the Rawls pick was really good.  There are some concerns of his health and the fact that Seattle drafted a couple RB's in the draft, but that is baked into this price.  If he was completely healthy and Seattle didn’t draft anyone, he would be a top 5 back most likely, as he was performing, basically at the level Marshawn Lynch has the past several years.  So, I am comfortable taking the chance with Rawls in the third.

Jared:  LeSean McCoy.  McCoy is one of the few RBs who doesn't really have a committee threat looming over his head.  He is the premier back in this offense and if utilized properly can emerge as a low to mid RB1.  Great value pick here.

Hayden: I bashed Andrew's pick at the end of the second round but landing Marshall in the 3rd is great value.  This mock was done just before the Fitzpatrick signing but in reality we should have known it would get done.  I think Marshall is a sure fire top ten WR and he may be closer to the top 5 than most think.  Andrew has him as his WR2 behind Antonio Brown.  This is the making of a STRONG WR corp. 
Thought process during your pick:

Hayden: I needed a WR after opening up RB-RB-QB and having Doug Baldwin as my WR1 is perfectly fine with me.  Baldwin has started growing on me big time and I felt like he was a solid pick.  He blew up last season after Jimmy Graham was lost for the season and I think there is a good chance Baldwin picks right up where he left off last season.  Graham may not be the same after his injury so maybe Baldwin becomes a consistent ten touchdown guy.

Jared:  Do I take a stud QB this early? "No. Don't do it Jared. You can find solid value later."  Okay.  Give me Andrew Luck

Andrew:  Usually I don't look for a QB this early on in the draft, but with the way QB's were flying off the board I felt comfortable reaching for Bree’s who is one of my favorite players this year at QB, as he has been so consistently at the top of the QB class for a long time.

Least favorite pick of the round:

Hayden: Got to go with Kelvin Benjamin.  In theory Kelvin Benjamin should be a board line WR1 after seeing what came was able to do with Ted Ginn.  However, this is still a run first offense and they like to spread the ball around.  Funchess, Ginn, and Olsen will get their fair share of targets so I am not sure Benjamin will live up to a 4th round value.

Jared:  I'm going to say Dion Lewis as of now. He hasn’t practiced this offseason, so I'm going to pump the breaks on him as of now.  However, if he returns to form soon I think this is a nice place for him to be drafted, but since there's not really an indication of when he'll return, it's a little too early for my liking.

Andrew:  Dion Lewis seems to have been a bit over drafted. I love me some grease weasel, but we can't ignore that he is coming off of a major injury, and still has competition in a backfield that has always been a headache for fantasy owners. Other players on the board seem to provide a safer floor and a similar ceiling.

Favorite pick of the round:

Hayden: I am going with my own pick of Baldwin as my favorite of this round.  I addressed a need with a solid WR that could potentially provide high-end WR2 low-end WR1 value when it is all said and done.

Jared:  I'm very proud of my friend Hayden for finally seeing the light known as Doug Baldwin.  When push came to shove in 2015, Russell Wilson needed a go to option, and Baldwin filled the role to a t.  He became the go to touchdown option, and I don't see that changing in 2016.  He's a sure fire WR2 with week to week WR1 upside.  Great pick.

Andrew:  T.Y Hilton is a good value in the 4th, he just seems so likely to atleast be a top 15 WR, because the colts defense is so bad, and their receiving tree is so small.  Only T.Y, Moncrief, Dorsett, and Dwayne Allen seem likely to see any kind of volume, and the latter 2 are very unproven.  We have seen him perform of as a top notch WR before, and he could even build on those numbers.
Thought process during your pick:

Andrew: This pick was very easy for me, as CJ was the 18th RB off the board and he is the 11th RB on my board.  Denver seems like they are ready to play great defense, and pack it in on offense and run the rock.  I completely believe in CJA’s talent, and I believe this is the year he finally gets the volume he deserves, and could end up being a top 5 RB.  I am very excited anytime I get him in the 5th.

Jared:  Since I drafted a QB in the previous round I became forced to fill the voids in my lineup sooner than I would've preferred to.  Woodhead was the best RB on the board at the time, so I pounced.

Hayden: I was trying to decide between Parker and Kelce and if I would have done my homework I would have went Parker since Amanda had already taken Gronk and had no need for a guy like Kelce.  I took Kelce and Parker went the very next pick so mental error by me, but I am very satisfied with Travis Kelce.  This gives me a solid weekly starter at a position that is hit or miss after you get outside the top 6 or 7.

Least favorite pick of the round:

Andrew:  Round 5 seems way too high for Danny Woodhead, at least in a standard league.  He really makes his money with his receptions, so he is so much more valuable in a PPR.  I feel like Melvin Gordon is going to get the large majority of the rushing attempts, and Woodhead could become really just a receiving back, that will not make a huge impact.  In the 5th round, it seems like there is little room for profit.

Jared:  Ricky's pick of Larry Fitzgerald is my least favorite. Earlier I was high on Fitz, but I think in terms of TDs, the WR to own in Arizona is going to be Michael Floyd.  Floyd has been poised to breakout the past 2 seasons, and I think he finally breaks through the glass ceiling and emerges out of Fitzgerald's shadow.

Hayden: Ben Roethlisberger is my pick here.  Despite playing in the best offense in the league Big Ben really isn't anything special and even though the fifth round might be the going rate for him it is not a price I am willing to pay.  I would have much rather have passed on Ben to see if he would have fell to my next pick.  A WR or RB would have been nice to target here.

Favorite pick of the round:

Andrew:  I hate to do this, but I just love CJ Anderson in the 5th round so much.  He just has such upside, that he can win a league.  He can produce on the level of a 1st round pick, and getting him in the 5th is just so great.  It feels bad selecting myself for the best pick, but I just really liked that one.

Jared:  Eric Decker. Ryan Fitzpatrick is back, ladies and gentlemen. Decker emerged as one of the more consistent fantasy options last season with Fitzpatrick at the helm. I’m not expecting that to change.  Great value pick.

Hayden: CJ Anderson in the fifth???  Can you say absolute steal?!  I think Anderson will be a solid RB2 this year as I see the Broncos pounding the rock this year.  Andrew already has two great WRs in Brown and Marshall, and now he has Freeman and Anderson plus Drew Brees at QB.  I think Andrew is putting together a solid draft.
Thought process during your pick:

Hayden:  You may already know that I believe Gio is the RB to own in Cincy and a potential top 20 RB.  So basically I landed a top 20 RB in my eyes to be my flex and I could not be happier.  I officially have a three headed monster at running back so the world better watch out.  The only thing I would have liked more is if I would have gone WR in the third.

Jared:  This was a blend of void filling and upside.  By the standards of a few fantasy players this is a reach.  However, I call it common.  Since training camp has started we haven't heard a single bad thing about Shepard.  When you're a top option in an offense that ran the most 3 WR sets last season, a 6th round pick is very fair value.

Andrew:  Already had a QB, 2 RB's, and 2 WR's so I was looking for the best player on the board.  I am not huge on the Broncos passing attack this year, but Sanders is a nice value with the last pick in the 6th round.  Not really a pick I would be excited about, but I am definitely comfortable with him as my WR3.

Least favorite pick of the round:

Hayden: I'm going to say Sterling Shepard.  Not because I dislike the player but because I think this is way too early for him to go.  I think he could have lasted at least another two rounds.

Jared:  Jeremy Langford.  Yeah, he put on a few pounds to help mold himself into a three down back, but reports have indicated Chicago is looking to open the season with a committee in the backfield.  His committee mates as of now are Jordan Howard (an ideal GL back,) Kadeem Carey (who knows the offense better than any other back,) and Jacquizz Rodgers (the ideal pass catcher.)  Too much of reach for me.

Andrew:  No pick really seems like a reach to me.  I guess if I had to pick one, I would go with Shepard.  I really like Shepard this year, but it just might have been a bit early.  I really don’t mind this pick at all, Shepard could be really good.  This is kind of a default answer because there isn't any reaches in this round.

Favorite pick of the round:

Hayden: So many to choose from here but I am going to stick with Andrew's drafting.  Pretty sure he went best available here and landed Emmanuel Sanders who should have rent a round or two before.  I am not super high nor am I low on Sanders but sometimes a guy just slips through the cracks and falls into someone's lap unexpectantly.  Andrew has a scary team I am glad this is a mock.

Jared:  I have two.  First guy is Matt Jones.  He's in line to own the backfield in Washington and become their workhorse.  A workhorse in the 6th is incredible value.  The second guy is Duke Johnson Jr.  Most see Duke as a pass catcher, but he is much more than that.  When you buy into Duke you're buying into Crowell not putting it together.  Crowell does in fact have the talent and is in a great system, but if Crowell doesn’t put it together early and I'm Hue Jackson, I have no problem giving a talented back like DJJ a shot at the role.  If he does win the role I think he succeeds and becomes the lead back in all aspects other than goal line duties.

Andrew:  I like Jeremy Hill in this round a lot.  At the very least he has a lot of TD upside, and at best he is a top 10-15 RB.  He broke out his rookie year, and looked like he was going to be awesome for the foreseeable future, but disappointed in a big way last year.  These guys that were 1st round picks last year that last to the 6th or 7th round, are guys that I like a lot because the upside has to still be there, and in the mid rounds, it is well worth the roll of the dice.
Thought process during your pick:

Andrew:  Immediately after I selected Brown, I noticed I missed my man Rashad Jennings.  I hate this pick looking back on it. Just, hate it.  My RB's get very thin after my top 2, and Jennings would be a quality option for my RB3.  This is the pick I would want to change the most.  On my next pick, I was looking for a solid RB, I am not particularly thrilled with Ivory this year, but I do see some TD upside.

Jared:  Since my lineup isn't as strong as others, I likely would be scratching and clawing for wins.  I chose to draft Williams in the 7th because he will be a difference maker and a RB1  for the first 4 weeks and can put me in position for a strong start. Also, while I love Le'Veon Bell, his injury history can’t be ignored.  If he does go down Williams reemerges as a RB1 while he's out.  I'm not really a believer of Chris Ivory this season.  I believe Yeldon will be the RB in Jacksonville to own when the season is said and done.  He could be a nice asset to have during crunch time.

Hayden: I realized here that I need to stop killing Treadwell's value.  He is a guy that I could probably land in the 9th but for some reason at this point in the draft he is one of the only names that catches my eye.  I think I need to start targeting guys I like that are a little lower than Treadwell in my ranks but typically go in this range like Kevin White.  I felt Kenneth Dixon was a solid pick in the 8th.  I have a solid group of RBs which I think is essential to have in fantasy football.

Least favorite pick of the round:

Andrew:  I would say my pick of John Brown has to be the worst  of all these.  My WR depth would be fine without this pick.  It was a fine time to take Brown, but it wasn't exactly a value, and it really hindered my team's running backs.  I would say Ridick was the worst pick of round 8, as similarly to Woodhead, he relies on his pass catching abilities, and really thrives in a PPR format.

Jared:  A little too early for Treadwell to go off the board in my book.  Yes, he is talented, and yes, he will likely be the go to TD option, but a 7th round is a little too early to invest into his upside, especially when his QB has thrown only 29 TDs in his first two seasons in the league.

Hayden: I am going Jordan Matthews with this one.  I just don’t see him being a valuable piece this year.  I can see Nelson Agholor could potentially out produce Matthews this year.

Favorite pick of the round:

Andrew:  Kevin White is a pretty good pick there.  He is a very rare size and speed guy, and is on a team that likes to throw a lot.  He will also see a lot of single coverage due to Alshon Jeffery commanding the respect of Defenses.  He might end up doing what Alshon once did with Brandon Marshall.  Jeffery came in and feasted on defenses that had not yet known of his immense skills, and instead focussed heavily on Marshall.  We know White is physically gifted, and we think he has the talent to be a star, but this is essentially his rookie year, so some expectations must be slowed down.

Jared:  Love, love, LOVE the Kevin White pick.  Every report I've read indicates he's catching on and is ready to make an immediate impact.  He's a sure fire WR3 in my book as is, but if Jeffery continues to be plagued my injury, White automatically becomes a WR2 at a minimum.

Hayden: My favorite pick is without a doubt Josh Gordon.  Out of all the players taken in this stretch he is the one with the upside that could potentially win you your league.  Getting a guy like that in the seventh is unbelievable.  Plus, I like risky picks that have a huge reward like this one.
Thought process during your pick:

Andrew:  Again, building up my WR depth WAY too strong.  I am kind of a sucker for Corey Coleman, and Travis Benjamin this year, as the both of them are personal favorites of mine for sure.  I see Corey Coleman possibly breaking out in a big way. Looking back on it, I definitely would have taken an extra RB or two instead.

Jared:  Fill the voids.  I needed WR depth and draft Austin & Coates. Austin can become a WR3 seeing as how both bad & rookie QBs revert to shorter routes.  Sammie Coates seems intent on taking over the Martavis Bryant role and could put up WR3 numbers as well if he gets the job.

Hayden: I was just looking to add more depth at the skill positions and Jordan Howard and Kamar Aiken add solid depth to my team.  I landed what I think will be running back that will get goal line work and possibly 12-14 touches per game in Jordan Howard, and I got possibly the number one target in Baltimore with Kamar Aiken.  Can't complain about that in the 9th and 10th rounds.

Least favorite pick of the round:

Andrew:  Not really a fan of Markus Wheaton in the 9th round.  He might have a nice PPR floor, but that floor falls down in standard.  He also doesn’t have any real upside.  I think the Steelers really want Coates to fill into that Martavis Bryant type role, as an explosive deep threat next to Antonio Brown.  I would definitely select Coates ahead of Wheaton, because the upside is there to be a top 20 WR for Coates.

Jared:  Before James Jones signed with San Diego I thought Benjamin was a pretty reasonable pick here.  However, I think Jones is overall a better WR than Stevie Johnson is, and I think that'll reflect on Benjamin's numbers.  With this news Benjamin isn't necessarily a bad pick here, but just a bit too early.

Hayden: After giving Andrew some praise I have to knock one of his picks.  I was not a fan of the Corey Coleman pick.  Coleman may have a few solid weeks but I just don’t think he has the potential to be a consistent contributor this year.  Plus, the WR taken with the next pick is someone I would have much rather have taken and he is also my favorite pick in this part of the draft.

Favorite pick of the round:

Andrew:  I really like Marvin Jones in the 10th.  Jones is a sleeper of mine, as what he does well, matches with Stafford well. We all know Marvin Jones can do deep, and we all know that Stafford has a cannon for an arm, so there strengths both align with each other.  He also will be a large part of their red zone offense, as he is 6'2 and Golden Tate is only 5'10.

Jared:  Zach Ertz.  I still have him as my TE6 this season.  I think he really steps up into the Travis Kelce role in Doug Pederson’s offense.  Also with Jordan Matthews dealing with an injury issue, not making a strong impact so far, and Pederson openly saying he’s alright with using the TEs if the WRs don’t adapt, the stars could be aligning for Ertz to finally breakout.

Hayden: The guy I was referring to above was Willie Snead.  This guy has grown on me a ton and I will now be targeting him in the majority of my drafts.  I think he is going to build on the numbers he put up last year so watch out fantasy football community the Snead Train is coming.
Thought process during your pick:

Andrew:  Then I grabbed Karlos WIlliams, who if can get back into shape, I like a lot.  The suspension might not even hurt him, as nobody is playing him week 1 anyway, and if shady get’s injured, Karlos Williams is still a big profit, even if he misses 3 games he could have started.  Next pick I just locked up a solid backup QB to Brees, I really like Kirk this year, and in round 12 is just great value.

Jared:  Gotta take a startable TE.  Cutler loves his TEs, and Miller emerged as a solid option when Martellus Bennett went down last season.  Now that the job is his he can be in line for a very good season.

Hayden: At this point I felt comfortable with my RBs and had no need to look at QB or TE here so I needed to add to my group of WRs.  Funchess is an interesting guy this season.  We have heard reports out of Carolina praising his progression as a WR so there could be a chance he fills in as the number 2 in this offense behind Benjamin.  However, I do realize he is on a run first offense so I do not have high expectations for this pick it is purely an upside selection.  Vincent Jackson on the other hand is a guy I expect to get decent production from during my starters’ bye weeks or in case of injury.  I think Jackson has a nice floor this year but his ceiling is somewhat low.

Least favorite pick of the round:

Andrew:  I think Steve Smith is not a great pick.  I honestly don't even know if Smith will play a single snap this year.  His Doctor, Robert Anderson, had never even seen a double achilles rupture, and Smith himself said the pain was "unbearable" and that he considered giving up on his comeback during rehab.  For anyone, this injury is obviously very difficult to deal with, but especially for a 37 year old.

Jared:  LeGarrette Blount.  I've read reports he may not even make the team.  He is returning from injury, and if he doesn't return to form I think he does in fact get cut, and Donald Brown takes over.

Hayden: LeGarrette Blount is my choice here.  I know he should be drafted if he is a Patriot when the season begins but I just have a feeling he is a waste of a pick.  I would much rather take someone with upside like the Kansas City backup or a rookie like Wendall Smallwood.

Favorite pick of the round:

Andrew:  Bennett is one of my favorite sleepers, and getting him in the 12th is awesome value.  We have already seen two TE's thrive in the Patriots system, and behind Gronk, and Edelman, Bennett can definitely be the third option in the high flying pats offense.  Also, if Gronk were to ever get injured, Bennet would be a top 3 TE almost immediately.  The TD's seem likely to be around 8-9, and if he can just rack up some yards, he could be really good.

Jared:  I really like my pick of Rishard Matthews.  Tajae Sharpe has made an impact in camp, and DGB hasn't done much to turn heads.  Now when comparing Matthews & Sharpe, I think the way this offense wants to operate, Mariota is going to need a consistent option on the outside.  Sharpe has the higher ceiling, but Matthews is the safer option with the higher floor and can become the WR1 on the Tennessee depth chart.

Hayden: I am going with Paul Perkins and DeAndre Washington here.  These are two rookies that could push for playing time as early as this year.  If they are able to earn a significant role in their offenses, then both these teams have gotten great value in the 11th and 12th rounds.
Thought process during your pick:

Andrew:  Last three picks were just positional needs.  I needed to draft a TE, but I really do like Dwayne Allen an awful lot this year.  With Fleener out of town, he should be the main man at TE, and I think when he got playing time, he proved that he was a valuable asset.  I think he can be the Tyler Eifert of 2016.  The Rams defense is a personal favorite of mine, but unless I get an elite defense, I will probably just ending up streaming, especially in 12 team leagues.

Jared:  With Mariota's rushing ability he automatically becomes a threat to be a QB1 on a weekly basis.  Adam Gase has a history of creating & refreshing careers at the TE position.  Cameron could be the next to fall victim.  Rounds 15 & 16?  Give me a defense & kicker to pencil in.  I do, however, think I landed two of the more consistent options in the respective positions assuming the Raiders defense lives up to the hype.

Hayden: Zach Zenner was just a depth pick in the final round and Will Fuller, as much as I dislike him, has a decent amount of upside.  My other two picks were reserved for a kicker and defense.

Least favorite pick of the round:

Andrew:  I don't really like the Kenyan Drake pick.  With both Ajayi and Foster in the backfield, Drake appears to be the odd man out.  Drake might have some PPR appeal, but in a standard 12 teamer, I really don’t think he even deserves to be drafted.

Jared:  Kenyan Drake.  I don't think he sees the field much this year unless an injury occurs.  I'd rather take a WR with upside in that spot instead.

Hayden: I am leaning Charcandrick West as my least favorite pick.  I just think Spencer Ware is the more valuable backup in Kansas City.

Favorite pick of the round:

Andrew:  I love Spencer Ware at the second to last pick in the Draft.  He is in line to take the lion share of the work in Kansas City if Jamaal Charles goes down, and could be a guy with TD upside, as Jamaal Charles might get some workload taken away, especially near the goal line.  With the second to last pick in the entire draft, Ware only can provide a profit.

Jared:  A lot of good value picks here.  In the 13th I like Perriman & Agholor.  Two young guys who can make an immediate impact given their current situation. In the 14th I really like the Antonio Gates pick.  Philip Rivers has acknowledged Gates is only 8 TDs away from breaking Tony Gonzalez’s record and has said he intends to break that this year.  If that happens Gates can easily be a top 10 TE again.  In the 15th I like Dwayne Allen (a threat to be a go to TD option) and Matthew Stafford (a gunslinger who will likely have to throw the ball a lot to win or keep games close.) 16th round I really like Spencer Ware.  A lot of people think Charcandrick West is the KC backup to own, but I prefer Ware.  An overall better runner with higher TD upside.

Hayden: It is only right my favorite pick is Spencer Ware If Jamaal Charles does not hold up then I think Ware not West will have a solid run as the guy in Kansas City.  West is more of a change of pace back in my opinion.

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