by Hayden Gibson
Fantasy Life Username: hgibson22

10 bold predictions for the 2016 Season.

1.  David Johnson will become the first running back to score 20 total touchdowns since Lesean McCoy did it in the 2011 season.  Johnson showed he has a nose for the end zone last season after accumulating 12 touchdowns on 161 touches.  Since I am buying into Johnson being a workhorse back in Arizona I feel this is obtainable for Johnson.

2. The two highest scoring tight ends this season will both play for New England.  I think the Patriots will go back to the two tight end sets they ran in 2011 which has potential to produce two top 5 tight ends.  So just to make it real bold Gronk and The Black Unicorn will finish 1 & 2 among tight ends.

3.  Charles Sims outscores a healthy Doug Martin in both Standard & PPR leagues.  I am not very high on Doug Martin this year which is evident by my ranking of him.  Dirk Koetter has shown he is not the type of coach to shy away from a RBBC so I think there is a possibility this becomes closer to an even split than people expect and Sims is more productive with his touches.  Martin’s fumbling issues make this one very possible as well. 

4. This one is one of my favorites and was discussed on the FLAFFL House Podcast.  Both Derek Carr and Amari Cooper will finish in the top 5 at their respective positions.  I am pretty high on the Raiders passing offense so this one is not too farfetched for me.  Bold prediction aside I think Cooper is taking the next step and entering that tier just behind the elite pass catchers in the league and with Cooper progressing I think Carr can take that next step as well.  This team should compete for the AFC West this season so this one will be fun to track this year.

5.  Isaiah Crowell will have at least 1,000 yards rushing and 10 rushing touchdowns.  Hugh Jackson knows how to get production out of his running backs.  He will lean on both Crowell and Johnson with Crowell being more of the short yardage between the tackles power back.  Jeremy Hill had at least 220 carries both seasons under Jackson and in my opinion the difference in Hill and Crowell’s talent is not as much as most people think. 

6.  AJ Green’s career highs in receptions, receiving yards, and touchdowns are the following 98-1426-11.  This year Green will set career highs in all categories with a stat line of at least 115-1650-14.  Eifert’s injury and the departure of Jones and Sanu have left a ton of targets up for grabs.  LaFell drops more balls than he will catch and Boyd is an unproven rookie who still has a lot of work to put in to being a solid option at receiver.  I think Green gets the biggest bump of any offensive player on this team due to the lack of proven pass catchers.  The past few season Green has not gotten an elite receiver workload having 249 total targets the past two seasons (Julio Jones had 203 last season).  I think Green gets a big bump in targets making the 115-1650-14 stat line a possibility.

7.   Donte Moncrief will be the highest scoring skill position player for the Colts.  This is basically me predicting Moncrief to out produce T.Y. Hilton.  This one may be the most likely to happen in my opinion.  If you have listened to our podcast you know how feel about Moncrief.  I would not be surprised if he led the team in targets this year.  Leading the Colts pass catchers in production may be a stretch but this article is all about bold prediction.

8.  Lequon Treadwell will finish as a top 20 wide receiver in 2016.  I really don’t understand why people don’t like Treadwell this year.  The guy is a big physical Dez Bryant like receiver who got drafted by a team with subpar receivers.  Diggs was the only bright spot in the passing game last year but he is nowhere near the talent Treadwell is.  Treadwell is being ranked very low in most rankings I’ve seen him in the late 40’s.  He’s got top 20 potential written all over him and I think he can put up that kind of production in his rookie year.

9.  Blaine Gabbert finishes the season as a top 10 QB.  Excluding last year the Chip Kelly offense has proven to be very quarterback friendly.  Gabbert appears to be the front runner to have this job and based on his ability to run it is possible he could have a very solid fantasy season.  In the eight games Gabbert played last year he averaged 15.25 points.  That may not be too great but considering it was on a team that had pretty much given up on the season.  I think Chip Kelly will do nothing but help Gabbert.  Eli Manning finished as the 10th ranked QB averaging 17.38 points per game.  So if all goes well I could see a scenario where Gabbert cracks the top 10. 

10.  The Cleveland Browns win 10 games in 2016………..  Only kidding I like for there to be a slight chance my predictions can happen.  However, I am ending on a BOLD one.  In 2016 Randy Moss’s touchdown reception record of 23 will be broken by Odell Beckham Jr.  Odell has been an absolute stud since entering the league.  He is a threat to score from anywhere on the field and I am sure 1st year head coach Ben McAdoo will look to make a good first impression.  Plus this will be both McAdoo and Beckham’s 3rd season together so I am sure we will see this kid get the ball in his hands more than before due to the trust they have been able to build up.  I think them drafting Shepard helps take some of the pressure off of Beckham which could lead to a bump in his production.  Of course a lot of things will have to happen in order for this to happen but if anyone can do it Beckham would be the guy I pick.

Thanks for reading and I hope these were bold enough for your liking.